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I dug this one out of a book and am still waiting for Samhain to do it.

After sunset, preferably at around nine o'clock in the evening, take an earthenware bowl, bury it up to the rim in earth, place saltin the bowl, and in the salt place a candle (which should be short enough to be below the level of the earth). Each celebrant should have a glass of red wine in hand. The celebrants should say quietly: "blessings be upon the dead that know blessings be upon the dead that guard blessings be upon the dead that are." (This should be said in unison three times, then the leader should say:
"In the name of goodness and mercy and the holy power.
grant your protection and guidance through this year,
bless this house and household with your wisdom bless this house and household with your strength,
bless this house and household with your good.

Answer if it will be your answer." (there should be a moment of two of silence)

Leader: "Blessings upon you all in all ways we can bless
Gratitude for all good you have givin
Reverence for all your help and guidance
This we say on this night of the year
as taken for all nights of all our years"

He/she should then say three times: "blessings be!" Thes celebrants should repeat after him.

Red wine should then be poured in the earth around the jar and a little in the jar, not enough to douse the candle. The candle should be left to go out on its own accord, and the following morning the contents should be baried in the appropriate place.

If the ceremony has to take place indoors. The bowl should be placed in the middle of a circle on the floor or in the center of a round table and the candle should be set in earth which is then covered with salt.

New Moon Occult Shop is the best place to source everything you need to do your own rituals. I recommend contacting them directly and asking for help finding just what you need as often they will source things they don't usually carry in stock.

Hmmm... Iniatiation rituals aren't usually general info stuff. Here is one below for a circle:

Have everyone lines up in the North. Have candles at each of the quarters of black for East and West and White for North and South. Each person should have a candle (which can be a tea light in an old glass jar).

As each person enters while chanting "Air I am, Fire I am, Water, Earth, and Spirit I am" bless each person by inscribing a star on their forehead with Morgana oil (personal fav for blessing) saying "May ______ be blessed and welcome"

The iniatiate stays outside the circle with the summoner watching over them. The circle is cast and then the invocation before the God & Goddess invocation but after the elements:

"Now is the time when one who has been called, is called to be called before the Lady and her consort. One who wishes access to the deeper, darker mysteries of the earth, one who seeks the wisdom within the dark womb of the Cerridwen, one who wishes to know, one who has searched and wishes a new torch to light their way, this one who will come before us now has asked and is received to be accepted among us as one who quests for knowledge and as one who always seeks the path of the Lady and her consort. Now, Northern Gate, I bid you in your darkest gown, open your way of knowledge for the one who seeks to pass through."

Now the 2 people (preferably a male and female) turn towards each other and create a bridge with their arms. The priestess opens the door and the priest greets the iniatiate who comes through first. Most covens leave the summoner outside the circle to deal with disturbances. The priestess closes the door and the two people return to the way they were.

The iniatiate stands to the North of the altar in the centre facing South. The priest and priestess face North standing on the South side of the altar. The priestess pick up the oil and says "By which name do you wish to be known?"
The iniatiate answers with their chosen craft name. The priestess then annoints the forehead of the iniatiate and says "Blessed be _______"

Now the priest picks up whatever gift the coven is making to the iniatiate. In the case of a neophite, this is usually a singulum. A 1st Degree, it is often a very nice, very fancy Book of shadows, 2nd degree a silver cuff and 3rd degree a gold cuff. Others give 1st - amber, 2nd jet, 3rd amber and jet.

Priest says "May this serve you well in the craft"

Now Invoke God and Goddess. I always suggest Cerridwen and the Dagda but that is because of the tradition I work in.

Next, bless the wine and cakes. In the case of a degree iniatiation, often the iniatiate is allowed to bless or participate in the blessing in some way.

Now do whatever working you wish, and close.

New Moon Occult Shop is the best place to source everything you need to do your own rituals. I recommend contacting them directly and asking for help finding just what you need as often they will source things they don't usually carry in stock.

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