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To Consecrate a Wand

I have three different ways to consecrate a wand in my personal BOS.

The first is similar to Athame dedication. Rub the wand with fresh basil, rosemary or oak leaves. At sunrise, lay the wand on the ground with it's point towards the South. Walk clockwise around it three times, scattering bay leaves over it. Take it up and stand facing South holding it upward but with arms lowered, invoke the God to infuse the wand with his power. Point it to the sky, invoking the Goddess to charge the wand with her love and power.

The spices aren't necessary if you can't get them or must do this privately and it can't be done this way. You can meditate on the element of Fire, which is the element of the wand and skip the spices :-) Also, some just invoke the Goddess to their wand and see it as Her symbol and therefore do not invoke the God for this one.

Here is the dedication I used (with some personal modifications not listed here).

Take the wand outdoors at sunset and rub it with fresh lavender, eucalyuptus or mint leaves (my above note on spices applies again - meditation on Fire is just as effective). Raise the wand in the air towards the Moon (if the Moon is not visible, as it will not be where I live tonight - drat!) then point the wand to the East. And invoke the Goddess. Again at sunrise the next day take your wand out of doors and annoint with the spices or meditate on Fire, point it to the East and invoke the God.

Once again, Goddess and God appear in my innvocations as I revere them equally. But it can be modified if you wish your tool charged only by the Goddess.

If you must do the ritual indoors here is a suggestion.

Cast your Circle and secure your sphere. Place the wand on your pentacle or a plate of salt. Touch the wand with the point of your Athame or just with your projective hand.

Send projective energy into the wand.

Sprinkle the wand with salt.

Hold the wand up in your projective hand saying

I charge you by the Old Ones, by the omnipotent Goddess and God: by the virtues of the Sun, Moon and Stars; by the powers of the Earth, Air, Fire and Water, that I shall obtain all I desire through you. Charge this by your power, Old Ones!

I haven't used this as I aim to get out of doors for tool consecretation even if I have to wait longer than I'd like. But I did write it down as it sounded good to me at the time :-) This can be used for any tool.

Hope this helps. Enjoy that Moon tonight - I hope She shines bright for you. This is a free set of rituals available from New Moon Occult Shop. If you paid for it or bought it please let us know so we can stop it and make sure everyone gets these for free.

BB, Ahneke

Copyright remains with the original author of the work.

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