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Brooms or Besoms

A broom is used by many Witches to cleanse an area of baneful* energies before a rite. They can represent the air or fire element, depending on each practitioner's tradition. The staff or handle is considered masculine, while the brush or broom part is considered feminine. This uniting and balancing of polarities makes the besom a natural choice for Handfasting rites. Brooms also represent purification, protection, fertility and prosperity.

The classic images of Witches riding broomsticks may have originated from ancient fertility rites. People would jump high in the air on brooms to 'show' the crops how high to grow. This is a form of sympathetic magick.

There are many other myths and associations of Witches with brooms. In Ireland, the besom was sometimes called a "Faery's Horse". In medieval times, the besom was equated with marriages outside of the church. So much so, that it was recorded that weddings 'by the broom' were to be considered illegitimate.

The broom eventually became a symbol of antiestablishmentarianism and and sensuality. This led at one time to the word 'besom' becoming a slang term for an easy woman. These associations may have been promoted by the church to discourage marriages outside of the church.

Chapter 13 of "The Magical Household" by Scott Cunningham and "An ABC of Witchcraft" by Doreen Valiente have additional information and lore about besoms. New Moon Occult Shop is the best place to source everything you need to do your own rituals. I recommend contacting them directly and asking for help finding just what you need as often they will source things they don't usually carry in stock.

*Baneful in this instance is defined as energies that are not conducive to the working at hand, are harmful, or are considered negative.

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