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Colour Correspondances

Again from the Broom Closet web site

You can get coloured candles from the New Moon Occult Shop website. I recommend contacting them directly and asking for help finding just what you need as often they will source things they don't usually carry in stock. They've helped me find candles for spells.

WHITE: Ruled by the moon. A pastel combination of all colors. Reflects light with little absorption.
Represents purity, spirituality and peace. Whenever in doubt, use white, which is the most highly balanced form of spirituality possible. White contains virtues in their highest form, and is therefore very protective. Used to repel destructive energies; to raise vibrations; to heal emotions, births, rapes, children and pets. Also used to build purity, balance the aura, confound enemies, create illusions and contact spirit helpers.

BLACK: Ruled by Saturn. An intense concentration of all colors. Black absorbs light and reflects very little. It is not the absence of color, but rather the absence of color reflection. A receptacle for all that you do not need or want. Used to absorb or remove anything; to end something; to remove or encase undesirable energies; to break up a blocked or stagnant situation.

PINK: Ruled by Venus. A lighter shade of red, pink deals with a spiritual, emotional love rather than the physical form. Represents unconditional love that comes from the heart. Associated with romantic love without the sexual connotation, affection and friendship. Purest form of love, raises vibrations. Used to banish lower vibrations and hate.

ORANGE: Ruled by the Sun, Mars, Mercury. A combination of yellow (Mercury/mental agility) and red (Mars/action-energy), allows the actions of red and the intelligence of yellow to understand how to use this action. The agressiveness of red is toned with the healing of yellow. Used for prosperity, energy building, attracts others in a positive way, attracts success, good luck and fortune. Builds vitality, energy and stamina.

YELLOW: Ruled by Mercury. Color of the intellect, the powers of the creative imagination, memory, swiftness, accuracy, communication and mental agility. Used to obtain knowledge; to learn swiftly; to gain insight into problems. Yellow represents all situations of learning. Alters dark mental mood swings. Enhances the knowledge of healing, the ability to concentrate, and the retention of memory. Yellow has a warm, compelling energy and therefore attracts people and can also be used to compel another to do your bidding.

BROWN: Ruled by Saturn (dark brown). Earth energy. Balanced combination of red, yellow and blue. Used to acquire basic material needs for survival; to learn to ground and center your consciousness with the earth; to obtain money by working; to communicate with trees and communicate with their intelligence.

GRAY: Ruled by the moon. Used to meutralize anything that no longer serves your best interest. It is a perfect balance of black and white, therefore absorbs and repels. Draws in the undesirable energies and sends them out to the universe for dispersal as neither destructive or constructive properties. Used to erase, cancel, neutralize and return to the universe without repercussion.

BLUE: Ruled by the Moon, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter (depending on the hue). The color of healing, truth, inspiration, higher wisdom, occult power and psychic protection, understanding, good health and the feminine principle in nature. Transforms violence, anger and hate. It soothes and cools. Gives peace from within, calms, promotes harmony and satisfaction, bliss, oneness and understanding of the spiritual realms.

SILVER: Represents clairvoyance, astral energies and channelling, also the faculty of far memory and remembering past lives. Silver is also used to represent the Moon.

GOLD: Ruled by the Sun. Gold is a higher vibration of orange and yellow. Useful in situations requiring intelligent action or action motivated by deliberation and knowledgem, usually with healing, money or wealth in mind. Attracts positive influences and is connected with justice and career matters. Used to attract money and power. To heal and rejuvenate your being, to attract happy, active people to you. Expedites expected money, aids in cutting through red tape, etc. Imparts the energy and intelligence to take proper action in a monetary situation.

RED: Ruled by Mars (bright red). Attracts and magnetizes, but must be used with discernment. Symbolizes health, lust, physical desire, anger, base energy, strength, sexual virility, courage and the masculine principle in nature. Red stimulates and energizes. Cherry reds are for physical and mental lovemaking, but without the brutal force of the darker hues.

GREEN: Ruled by Venus and Mercury. Stimulates growth. Abundance, money, healing, fertility, good luck and harmony. Used for emotional healing and to gain healing knowledge. Darker shades are useful in attuning to the energies of the plant kingdom (as in herbal healing techniques).

PURPLE: Ruled by Jupiter. The color of expansion in all forms. Jupiter brings more of what you already have (use orange to manifest what you do not currently have). Wisdom, high idealism, knowledge of the higher realms of magic, spiritual protection and healing, the realization of your highest potential, reversal of a jinxed condition. Symbolizes success in financial affairs, psychic ability of a highly-developed form, idealism and spiritual power, assists in influencing people in position of power over you. Protective energy, bestows fame, power and recognition in a chosen field.

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