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Shadows for Magick Spells

Referring to shadows, Charles Leland says:

"It is born of light, yet it is in itself a portion of the mystery of darkness, it is the facsimile of man in every outline, but in outline alone; filled in with uniform somber tint, it imitates our action as if in mockery, which of itself suggests a goblin or spirit, while in it there is something of self, darkling and dreamlike, yet never leaving us." This is free information available from New Moon Occult Shop. If you paid for it or bought it please let us know so we can stop it and make sure everyone gets these for free.

I don't see a shadow as in any way a damaged or hurt part of us, but rather a part of us that is both us and "different" at the same time. The Etruscans believed that the shadow was that part of the person that survived after death, making it very close to our definition of the "soul". The Egyptians, OTOH, considered it one of the eight composites of a human:
1.) Khat, a body; 2.) Ba, the spirit; 3.) Khan, the intellect; 4.) Khaibit, the shadow; 5.) Ren, the name; 6.)Ka, the eternal vitality; 7.) Ah, the heart and 8.) Sahu, the mask.

The Italian Strega (witches) use shadows for magic spells in a way that may illustrate, better than I can define, how I perceive of a shadow:

Choose an animal whose attributes you wish to invoke, and select an article you wish to charge with those attributes. Let's say you pick a wolf for its strength and ferocity and your house keys as the article you wish to charge, so that you will have a shadow wolf guarding you while you are fumbling at your front door with your keys. With a strong light at your back, use your hands to cast a shadow on the keys, starting from a formless shadow and then rearranging your hands to make it look like a wolf (as best you can). Visualize it as being the shadow of an actual wolf and imagine how that animal would look and sound. State out loud your intended purpose in any format (rhyme, declarative sentences etc.) that feels right for you. Looking at the target object, when you have both the shadow and your intentions clearly focussed in your mind, close your eyes to "set" that image in the object and then turn around before opening your eyes. Then you can pick up your keys, that have now been invested with the qualities of the wolf, that could then be invoked when needed.
You could perhaps also use your own shadow to cast on some object that you were going to give your child before going away to college - charging it to watch out for your child as you would - and keep them out of trouble! *smile* - in the same manner.

From: "Charlotte O'Neil"

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