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One of the better books I have read is D. J. Conway's "Celtic Magic". While it is far from perfect, it is immeasurably closer to truth than "Practical Celtic Magic" by Murray Hope in my opinion. As Celtic witch ans schollar, it is difficult for me to contend with ideas such as the Celts being from Atlantas which were a race of aliens. Some of you may feel, however that Murray Hope more accuratly reflects your reality and that is perfectly acceptable. This is a free ritual available from New Moon Occult Shop. If you paid for it or bought it please let us know so we can stop it and make sure everyone gets these for free.

With all that in mind, never feel that posts here are the be all and end all of magic, especially anything posted by a priest/priestess or even Janet Farrar! You determing what works for you and should only ever take away that which feels right for you.

Harvestide/Alban Elved/Autum Equonox Ritual

(This ritual has been changed from it's original form)

Put everything you will need for your altar and spellworking inside your ritual area. It is best if these things are not for everyday use (except in the cases of spellworking) but put aside especially for ritual working. You will need a dish for salt (earth), an athame(dagger) or wand, incense and incense burner, source candle, green candle for God and Red Candle for Goddess, 4 elemental candles (red-east, white-south, grey-west, black-north). Once circle is cast, do not cross over the boundry unless absolutly necessary until you dismiss the elements, etc. You'll also want to tie autumn-coloured ribons on your athame or wand, have autumn leaves for decoration, a cauldron, ivy in the cauldron and 3 candles around it: white, black and red. I also dry those gourds which have a bulbous end and a long, thin top. These dry and the seeds inside rattle creating a rattle for your altar. I also incluse a pommegranate which I then allow to dry for yule2. You'll also want a chalice with wine in it.
Once you put aside the mundane and introduce the magical, robes are a wonderful finishing touch to create a magical space. Now, relax, centre yourself and we'll begin.

Take your athame on your hand (or wand) and startingin the east, visualize a powerful light shooting forth from the tip to create the circle. While you are drawing the circle, say:

I consecrate this circle of power to the Ancient Gods. Here may they manifest and bless their child. (move back to altar) This is a time that is not a time, in a place that is not a place, on a day that is not a day. I stand at the threshold between the worlds, before the land of the Fey. May the Ancient Ones help and protect me on my magical journey.

Bless each element:

Great Mother, bless this creature of (water/fire/air/earth in that order) to your service. May I always remember (the cauldron waters of rebirth/the sacred Fire that dances within the form of every creation/(listen to) the spirit winds that bring me the voices of the Ancient Ones/blessed Earth, it's many forms and beings). Great Mother, I give you honour!

(alternativly, bless only water and earth to the goddess and fire and air to the god)

Take each element around to bless the circle with it.

Now light each candle saying: "I call upon you, powers of (Air/Fire/Water/Earth), to witness this rite and to guard this circle."

Light the red candle and the three candles around the caudron using a taper or the source candle. Say: "I call upon the blessed Lady, queen of the harvest, giver of life and plenty since before time began. You who are eternal and unending. You are the mother, the wife and the child of the gods. Bestow upon me your joy and beauty, power and prosperity, I do ask."

Light the green candle and salute the ivy filled cauldron with your dagger /wand and say: "I call upon the Lord of the harvest, sacred King, giver of riches and protection since before time began. Bestow upon me your strength and laughter, power and prosperity, I do ask.

Take the ribbon tied dagger in your power hand, the wine chalise in the other hand and say: "Always has life fulfilled its cycle and led to life anew in the eternal chain of the living. In honour of the Old Gods, I mark the fullness of my life and the harvest of this years lessons."

Walk three times deosil (clockwise) around the circle chanting "The year-wheel turns, and bounty comes"

Move back to the altar and lay aside the dagger. Set the wine chalice breifly on the pentacle. As you make the following toasts, raise the chalice high each time before taking a sip.

"To the good seasons that have gone and the good ones yet to come. Blessed be.
To the Goddess! May she bring peace and fulfillment to all her children. Blessed be.
To the God! May he protect his followers and bring me prosperity and happiness. Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again! Blessed be."

Now to complete:

"By the powers of the Ancient Gods, I send out this energy so my will may be done. May I ever remember the eternal cycle of life, death and rebirth and the three-fold law. So mote it be."

Bid farewell to the quarters: "Depart in peace, O Powers of (Earth/Water/Fire/Air). My thanks and blessings. Merry part."

To finish at the altar: "To all the beings and powers both visible and not, depart in peace. May there always be peace and harmony between us and my I always depend on your help when in need. Blessed be and merry part"

To close the circle, as you opened only in reverse saying: "The circle is open, yet it remains within my heart, around me, and always flows through me with it's magical power."

Then: "This rite is now ended, this circle now open. So mote it me!" and clap or stamp your foot and blow out the source candle.

Copyright remains with the original author of the work.

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