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The Lesser Elvis Banishing Ritual of the Sequined Pentagram

The purpose of this ritual is clear the area of all Elvis-negative influences.
This includes all that not patroitic and all that is not of White Trash
at heart.

Begin by facing in the direction of Graceland. For easy reference, we shall
call this East.

1: Visualize the infinitely bright light of a Las Vegas spotlight descending
upon you.

2: Draw this Holy Light into your head, intoning:

3: Point downward, hand over... personal privates... , intoning:

4: Point to right shoulder.

5: Point to left shoulder.

This is the Holy Cross of Elvis. Conclude by saying: "Uh-huh".

6: Facing East (Graceland), draw a bright, blue, sequined pentagram in the
air. Be sure to visualize the light relfecting off of the shimmering
sequines. Intone:

7: Repeat step six to the south. Intone:

8: To the west, intone:

9: To the north, intone:

Between each of the above steps, you should make part of a circle connecting
each pentagram. This circle should be made of the Light of the Holy Las Vegas

Imagine yourself bathed in the Holy Vegas Light. Face Graceland.

10: Before you, imagine Elvis as a baby, containing his True Elvis Potential.
This is the Elvis of Air.
Say: ELVIS, thou who were born a King in Lowly Surroundings. Fulfill
your potential. Be present with me today.

11: Behind you, imagine the young man Elvis, on the brink of Stardom. This
is the Elvis of Water.
Say: ELVIS, thou who art about to realize your Kingliness among men.
Fulfill that Potential. Be with me today.

12: To your right, imagine Elvis in the prime of his career, when he was
making movies and the like. He thrusts his pelvis suggestively. This is
the Elvis of Fire.
Say: ELVIS, thou who art leading us to Light. Be with me today.

13: To your left, imagine Elvis in his Las Vegas stage. He wears sunglasses
and is slightly pudgy. This is the Elvis of Earth.
Say: ELVIS, thou who didst die on the pot of an overdose. Be with me

Repeat the Holy Cross of Elvis. Thus ends the Ritual.

This ritual should be repeated daily. If you wish, you may use Elvis
music in the background to aid your concentration. If you have an altar,
it should contain a Microphone Wand, a Microphone-Stand Dagger, an Elvis
"45 Disc, and small porcelain toilet (Chalice).

May the Holy Light of Las Vegas Shine within you.

Love is the Law. Love under Rock & Roll.

Copyright remains with the original author of the work.

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