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Handfasting Ritual

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[Priest/ess] We have come together here in celebration of the joining together of ______and ______.
There are many things to say about preparing for marriage. Much Wisdom concerning the joining
together of two souls has come our way through all paths of Knowledge and Belief. With each union,
more Knowledge is gained and more Wisdom is gathered. Though we are unable to give all this
Knowledge to these two, who stand before us, we can hope to leave with them the Knowledge of Love
and its strengths and the anticipation of the Wisdom that comes with time. The Law of Life is love unto all beings. Without Love, Life is nothing, without Love, Death has no redemption. Love is anterior to Life, posterior to Death, initial of Creation, and the exponent of Earth. If we learn no more in Life, let it be this.

Marriage is a bond to be entered only after considerable thought and reflection. As with any aspect of
life, it has it's cycles, it's up and downs, it's trials and it's triumphs. With full understanding of this,
______ and ________ have come here today to be handfasted for one year and one day in the manor of the ancient cultures and beliefs.

Others would ask who gives this woman into commitment, but as a woman is not property to be bought or sold, given and taken, I simply ask if she comes of her own free will and if she has her family's blessings.

______ is it true that you come of your own free will and accord?
"Yes, it is true."
And whose blessings accompany you?
"I come with my family's blessings, and that of My Lady and her Consort."

Please join hands with your betrothed and listen to that which I am about to say.

Above you are the stars, below you the stones, as time doth pass, remember---
Like a stone, should your love be firm. Like a star should your love be constant. Let the powers of the
mind and of the intellect guide you in your marriage, let the strengths of your wills bind you together, let the power of love and desire make you happy, and the strength of your dedication make you inseparable.
Be close, but not too close. Possess one another, yet be understanding. Have patience with one another, for storms will come, but they will pass quickly. Be free in giving affection and warmth. Have
no fear and let not the ways of the unenlightened give you unease, for the Goddess and the God are with you, always.

(man's name), I have not the right to bind thee to (woman's name), only you have this right. If it be your wish, say so at this time and place your ring of unity in her hand.
"It is my wish!"
(woman's name), if it be your wish for (man's name) to be bound to you, place his ring of unity on your finger. (She places it on her left ring finger)
(woman's name) I have not the right to bind thee to (man's name), only you have this right. If it be your wish, say so at this time and place your token of unity in his hand.
"It is my wish!"
(man's name), if it be your wish for (woman's name) to be bound to you, place this token of unity next to your heart, to be carried with you at all times.

Repeat in unison after me:

I, (both say their own name), in the name of the spirit of the Goddess and her Consort, that resides within us all, by the life that courses within my blood and the love that resides within my heart, take thee to my hand, my heart, and my spirit, to be my chosen one. To desire thee, and be desired by thee,
to possess thee, and be possessed by thee, without sin or shame, for naught can exist in the purity of my love for thee. I promise to love thee wholly and completely without restraint in sickness and in health, in plenty and poverty, in life and beyond, where we shall meet, remember, and love again. I shall not seek to change thee in any way. I shall respect thee, thy beliefs, thy people, and thy ways as I respect myself.

[Priest/ess] May you drink your fill from the cup of Love.
(Hands the chalice to the man, he holds it while the woman takes a sip, then the woman holds the chalice while the man takes a sip)
[Priest/ess] May you eat your fill of the bread* of Life.
(hands apiece of bread to the man, he holds it as the woman takes a bite, then the woman holds the piece while the man takes a bite.
[Priest/ess] As The Two that are One, so shall ye be.
(The man and the woman turn around as one to the gathering, if applicable.)
[Priest/ess] Bright Blessings upon your year of Unity.

Handfasting Cake/Bread


1c butter 2-1/2t lemon juice
1c sugar 1t rose water
1/2c honey pinch of basil
5 eggs 6 fresh rose geranium leaves.
2c sifted flour 2T grated lemon peel


In a large non-metal mixing bowl, cream the butter and the sugar until fluffy and light. Add the honey and mix well. Add the eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition. Gradually add the flour and blend thoroughly with a large wooden spoon after each addition. Stir in the lemon rind, lemon juice, rose water, and pinch of basil (the herb of Love). Line the bottom of a greased 9x5x3" loaf pan with the rose geranium leaves, and then pour the in the batter. Bake the cake/bread for 1hr and 15min. Remove from the oven when done and let cool on a rack for 20min before unmolding. Ice with White Solar Cross or sprinkle powdered sugar on top of the Handfasting Cake/Bread just before serving.

-------Adapted By Akasha Ap Emrys
for her friend and student, PhoenixRising

Copyright remains with the original author of the work.

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