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Magickal Days & Discerning Planetary Hours/Influences

NEEDED: Planetary Hours Chart

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The next thing a working Witch checks after Lunar Magic, are the mackical
days. Which day would be most auspicious to perfomr the working? The days
are equated with the sun and six of the planets.

SUNDAY (Sun - yellow, gold, orange): Health, success, career, goals,
ambition, personal finances, advancement, drama, fun, authority figures,
law, fairs, crops, totem animals, volunteers and civic services, promotion,
the God, men's mysteries, chidlren, buying, selling, speculating.

MONDAY (Moon - white, silver, grey, pearl): Psychic pursuits, psychology,
dreams/astral travel, imagination, women's mysteries, reincarnation, short
trips, women, children, the public, domestic concerns, emotions, fluids,
magick, spirituality, all things pertaining to water and bodies of water,
antiques, trip planning, household activities, initiation, astrology,
new-age pursuits, archetypes, totem animals, shapeshifting, religious

TUESDAY (Mars - red, pink, orange): Passion, partnerships, courage, swift
movement, action, energy, strife, aggression, sex, physical energy, sports,
muscular activity, guns, tools, cutting, surgery, police, soldiers, combat,
confrontation, business, buying and selling animals, mechanical things,
repair, gardening, woodworking, hunting, beginnings.

WEDNESDAY (Mercury - purple, magenta, silver): Wisdom, healing,
communication, intelligence, memory, education, corrrespondence, phone
calls, computers, messages, students, merchants, editing, writing,
advertising, signing contracts, siblings, neighbors, kin, accounting,
clerks, critics, music, editors, journalists, visual arts, hiring employees,
learning languages, placing ads, visiting friends, legal appointments,

THURSDAY (Jupiter - blue, metallic colors): Business, logic, gambling,
social matters, political power, material wealth, publishing, college
education, long distance travel, foreign interests, religion, philosophy,
forecasting, broadcasting, publicity, expansion, luck, growth, sports,
horses, the law, doctors, guardians, merchants, psychologists, charity,
correspondence courses, self-improvement, researching, reading, studying.

FRIDAY (Venus - green, pink, white): Romantic love, friendships, beauty,
soulmates, artistic ability, harmony, affection, relationships, partners,
alliances, grace, luxury, social activity, marriage, decorating, cosmetics,
gifts, dancers, designers, engineers, architects, artists, beauticians,
chiropractors, income, growth, gardening, entertainers, fashion, music,
painting, poetry, courtship, dating, decorating homes, household
improvements, planning parties, shopping.

SATURDAY (Saturn - black, grey, red, white): Binding, protection,
neutralization, karma, death, manifestaion, structure, reality, the laws of
society, limits, obstacles, tests, hard work, endurance, real estate,
dentists, bones, teeth, farm workers, sacrifice, separation, stalkers,
murderers, criminals in general, civil servants, justice, math, plumbing,
wills, debts, financing, joint money matters, discovery, transformation,
relations with older people.

Now that I've given you all this info, what is the point? Take the most
important aspect of the purpose of your working and check through the days.
Which day would be most appropriate? Can you do your working on this day?
Does it match your moon phase chosen? Which is the most convenient for you
to use, the day or the moon phase? Can you possibly wait (like in long-range
goal planning) or is this an emergency?

Finally, planetary hours can be beneficial, especially if you can't make it
to the right moon phase or even the right day, though you can wait for both
the appropriate day and planetary hour.
Planetary hours are divided into two parts:
Sunrise to sunset
Sunset to sunrise

Each hour of the day and night is matched to a planetary influence.
Because only the sun and six planets are used as correspondences, you have a
chance to use those influences either during the day of during the evening.
The influence can either help or dissolve our magical efforts. Planetary
hours (PH) are calculated with reference to the rising sun, so each time you
wish to use a PH, you must first know precisely when the sun rises where you
are living.

Here is how the working Witch discerns the PH:

1) Find out what time the sun rises in your locality. This is not
difficult. Use the Weather Channel, check the daily newpaper, or look in an
2) Get out the sunrise/sunset PH charts.
3) Check the type of working you wish to do, and consider which PH is
best suited for your work. Write that down.
4) Choose which chart to use. Do you prefer working in the day or after
sunset? On the chart, find the day you wish to use. If it is an emergency,
it would be today, of course.
5) Divide the number of minutes or daylight by 12. i.e., if the sun rises
at 7AM and sets at 4PM, you would divide the 9 hours of daylight by 12 to
calculate when the hours fall. That means that although we call them
"planetary hours", the PHs will equal more or less than the normal 60
minutes we associate with 1 hour. In this example, the 9 hours of daylight
equals 540 minutes; 540 divided by 12 means each hour equals 45 minutes.
Therefore, Hour 1 would be from 7AM to 7:45AM. Hour 2 would be 7:45 AM to
8:30AM, and so on until sunset.
6) In Step 3, you wrote down the planetary influence you needed for the
working. Find that planet under the day you chose. Run your finger over to
the hour columns; what hour does it fall under? In Step 5, you determined
when the hours fell today, by using the sunrise (or sunset) of the day. What
does the PH you chose in the 1st column equate to today? This is the best
time to do your workings.

Let's say the first time chosen is impossible for you. Go back to the
chart to the correct day, and look for that planetary influence again. Run
your finger back to the hour column and calculate in today's time. Is that
better? No?
Finally, if none of these hours will work for you, either wait until the
next available correct day and time or find another planetary influence
that's close to what you need. You will find there are many duplicates on
many of the lists, so it shouldn't be too difficult.
Why all the fuss and bother, anyways? Calculating planetary influences
puts you one step closer to a successful working, especially if other things
can't, don't, or won't fall into line for you. It adds exra punch to the
minor magicks (petition, candle, gem, cord, knot) and could give you success
if you are feeling under the weather but must perform anyway. The hours are
excellent for planning rituals as well.

Silver Ravenwolf

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