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Take a bible tract that has been given to you by some proselytizing
misguided creep, and draw upon it in dragon's blood ink symbols for
fear, ignorance, hatred, slander, illness, etc. - the usual unfortunate
side effects of the religion that asks its gentle followers to "bear
witness", but forgets to explain that beating total strangers over the
head with a bible is not the way to do it. Draw across the symbols on
the tract in black India ink a big red X or equal-armed cross. (usually
these tracts are offerring their readers freedom, healing, salvation,
etc. which is exactly what you're using it for - to banish from your
life all the nasty stuff that Christ never intended be a part of his
religion. You're just doing it in a different way than they person who
gave you the tract probably intended.)

Now fold up the tract with a little red decorating sugar inside.
usually the people who give these things out at least believe they mean
well. I'm mean, really, you could be a complete stranger and they're
still getting themselves all worked up over the fate of your immortal
soul! Awfully neighborly of them, in a twisted sort of way. the sugar
is sweet, it says "thanks for the concern and I you no harm..." but the
red color says assertively, "...but please go away and take your
propaganda with you." If you want, you can soak the thing in Florida
water first, too, to purify the spell and keep it from carrying any
grudges through the mists.

Now burn the thing in your cauldron. If you do it right, you might get
some cool effects when the flames hit the sugar and Florida water. Zap!
Pow! No more trouble! Then scatter the ashes to the south wind to
diffuse the efforts of "religious" hate groups causing harm, or deposit
them in your yard to form a psychic barrier to keep the door-to-door
evangelistic pit bulls at bay. if the offending party is a neighbor,
you can scatter the ashes in their yard. it won't harm them at all, but
it will psychically deliver the message, "thanks but please BACK OFF."

This spell is dedicated with love and respect to my dad, who puts up
with a lot of crap from people of his own faith.This is a free ritual available from
New Moon Occult Shop.
If you paid for it or bought it please let us know so we can stop it and make sure
everyone gets these for free.


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