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By Robert Valerius

LO, listen to me, hear what I want to sing of, open your ears to these
and realize:

Of the anger of mother earth,
Of the sadness of mother earth
Of the praise of mother earth I want to sing

To gather the powers of mother earth I came to sing,
To gather the strength of mother earth I came to sing,
To gather the people of mother earth I came to sing,

Mother of old with thy many incarnations listen to my song
and hear me speak of thy praise, thy power and thy beauty

I invoke the powers of the east and pray for their aid
I invoke the powers of the south and pray for their aid
I invoke the powers of the west and pray for their aid
I invoke the powers of the north and pray for their aid

Beautiful incarnation of Venus, Inanna, behold my words and give them
the sweetness of love
Sender of light and love, Tara, be raised and pour thy sweetness on this
Giver of fertility, Artemis, lend me thy attention and let my words be
of the power of growth

Lioness of the battle, Ishtar, realize my words and feed them with
Mighty daughter of Ra, Sekhmet, be aware of my song and lend me thy
words of power,
High flying raven, Morrigu, join me in my anger and give my words the
sharpness of a sword

Keeper of the gates to powerful magic, Hekate, look upon me and aid me
with thy wisdom
Guardian of the mysteries, Selket, be called by my speech and protect
these words
Symbol of life, nameless Mother of the stone age, be moved by my words
and strengthen this song

Followers of the mother goddesses of all cults and rites
Followers of the nature religions of this planet
Followers of the path of light

Be aware, listen to me and hear me sing:

The mother is all we are,
She, who is all, is within us,
She, who is all, is with us every day.
From her are we and to her we go.

There can be nothing without her
We, her children are nothing without her.
She is, who speaks:
Bigger than the mountains am I,
The Empress of the gods am I
The Queen of heaven am I
The earth's mistress am I.

Careless do we handle her gifts,
Selfish do we abuse our brothers and sisters,
We walk on her bleeding corpse, ignoring her pain
We destroy her creation

Her health is wounded
Her body is shattered
Her self is devastated

No more can we keep silent to this sacrilege
No more can we ignore her pain and bleeding
No more are we allowed to look away from her sufferings

For attention I raise my voice
For a change of ways I raise my voice
For a final battle I raise my voice

With the wrath of the goddess, I cry a geis on the human race.
With the boundless anger of Sekhmet, punishing judge of mankind,
I sing the glam dicin on our worthless ways of life.
With giving the suffering earth a voice,
I incantate the disappear as witness of our crimes.

No more can we pretend to be the crown of creation
No more can we look upon our brothers and sisters, the plants and
animals, as minor beings.
No more are we able to ignore the circle of life and its ancient law.

We are no supernatural beings, we are part of mother earth.
Part of the circle of life, we get born, we live and we die.
We raise from mothers triangle, we walk on her body and we return to
her as corpse.

We are not superior above life
We are not superior above creation
We have an obligation to fulfill, to preserve mother earth for future
generations of beings, of humans, of animals and plants

If we don't change the path we walk
If we don't change the perspective we look from
If we don't behold what is going on around us

We will be orphan children on a devastated planet without life

The time for us has come to finally see the light and realize what we
are, from where we are and on what we depend like any other being.

So, if you listened to this,

Change your way of life,
Change your perspective,
Change your friends ways of life,

Behold the beauty of the mother
that surrounds us everywhere and in everything
Behold the breathtaking life that is within this planet.

There is nothing bad or unwanted, ugly or worth destruction
There is only life and energy of mother earth in all and everything

All that is needs our preservation
All that is needs our respect
All that is needs our love

Tell your brothers and sisters about thy awareness
Tell thy brothers and sisters about the pain and the wounds of the
Tell thy brothers and sisters to pay attention to what she, who is
everything, demands.

Don't pretend to be wise and knowing for we are all learning several
lifetimes, just state you are aware
Don't feel superior to others, that are not aware, it is your
obligation to teach
Don't forsake others, that are not aware, try to change their ways.

Followers of the mother goddesses of all cults and rites
Followers of the nature religions of this planet
Followers of the path of light

Be aware, think of my words and join me in song

Sing the glam dicin with me.
Raise your voices to a bitter, final cry of judgment,
sing the diaspad.
Let our song become a strong and mighty geis
for the dignity of life and its unwritten laws

Sing out loud, so that it can't be ignored:
To walk the ancient path again
To behold thy beauty once more every day
Is a pleasure beyond mere believe
It is an everlasting enlightenment
It is a spring of never ending marvel and happiness
I thank thee for this life
Thou truly were with me from the beginning."

Copyright remains with the original author of the work.

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