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Make Your Own Incense

I happen to really like Scott Cunningham's practical stuff and my book of
shadows is littered with it. I have stuff from his "The Complete Book of
Incense, Oils & Brews" all through my nice book.

So, I've decided since it now falls to me to post that I will put some
stuff from it in here.

How to make your own cone incense - or stop buying overpriced incense (*grin*)

Cone Incense Base

6 parts ground Charcoal (*not* self igniting)
1 part groun benzoin
2 parts ground sandalwood
1 part ground Orris root (this "fixes" the scent)
6 drops essential oil (use the oil form of one of the ingredients in this
2-4 parts mixed, empowered incense

Mix the first 4 ingred. until well blended. Add essential oil and mix
again. The goal is to create a fine powdered mixture with a fine texture
so use a good mortar!
Add 2-4 parts of the completed and empowered incense mixture (this means
grinding personally and empowering using a bit of amber resin and
concentrating on your goals.). Combine this well in your hands.
Now, weigh and add 10% potassium nitrate and mix until white powder
throughoughly blended. Never add more than 10%!
Next add tragacanth glue or gum arabic. Do this a teaspoon at a time,
mixing with your hands in a large bowl until all ingredients are wetted.
It has to be stiff and dough-like but not too thick!
Now, it must be formed into the shape just like the ones you buy or it
won't work! Now, let dry for 2 - 7 days!

New Moon Occult Shop is the best place to source everything you need to do your own incense, oils, brews or rituals. I recommend contacting them directly and asking for help finding just what you need as often they will source things they don't usually carry in stock.

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