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To heal the hurt leg

This is a free ritual available from New Moon Occult Shop

Have you ever heard of how people get poison/venom out of wounds? They
*suck* it out. You've kinda gotta do the same sorta thing here.
Alongside the treatment that the doctor/physio suggests, at a regular
pace (say, every other day, or the same day each week, etc), you *treat*
the patient yourself.

Get them relaxed (ambient music, candles, incense, whatever does it for
them), and get the wounded bit exposed or with just a thin covering.
Without putting any pressure on the wounded bit, put your hands over it
(they should just feel your hand slightly). Then, repeat:

jao, bhoot, jao...
jao, churail, jao...
jao, adum-khor, jao...
jao, rakh-shak, jao...
jao, dhaint, jao...
iss aadmi ko chhorke jao,
Kali-ma ke nam meh,
kabhi vaapus mut ao,
bus, yeh mera kaam heh.

Every now and again, stop the chant and suck the air inwards. Don't
breathe the air in, but turn and spit it out. This is like sucking the
venom out of the wounded and releasing it out of you.


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